Introducing YouPay!

You Shop, They Pay.
Welcome to multiplayer shopping.

With YouPay, you can safely and securely pick the gifts you want and share a YouPay link with your chosen payer via email, on your Social Media accounts, or anywhere else you like. Whether you’re giving someone a less than subtle hint at a gift you’d like or making a purchase to support a friend (or a stranger), YouPay just made shopping social again!

1. Pick your favourite designs
2. Add them to your cart
3. Share your YouPay cart link
4. Someone else purchases your order for you!

You can create your YouPay by clicking on the YouPay button on product pages, or on the cart page. You then enter your details, but you needn’t worry about privacy – your details are never made public. Now that you have a sharable link for your cart, you can post it anywhere online, like Facebook and Instagram or send it directly to a loved one via email or SMS. Your private information like shipping details is safely hidden so you can share with confidence. When someone purchases your cart for you, you get the order confirmation, so you know it has been paid for and those designs are officially yours!


How do you pay for a YouPay order?
YouPay uses the stores original payment methods so you can checkout as you normally would with a credit card, via PayPal, Afterpay, Zippay and so on.

Are YouPay links secure and is YouPay safe?
Yes, YouPay links are fully encrypted. Also, your personal information entered when creating your cart, like your name and shipping information, is always kept private.

Who can you send a YouPay link to?
Literally anyone. You can share it directly with someone who you know would love to buy you a gift, or share your link publicly on your Facebook profile or in Facebook groups for a kind-hearted stranger AKA ‘Accessories Angel’ to help you get your favourite designs.

Can I use discount codes with a YouPay order?
Yes. A YouPay order acts like any other regular order, meaning coupon codes can be applied. The payer will have the opportunity to enter a discount code when checking out with an order shared by someone else.

I have a Rewards Account, will I still receive points on a YouPay order?
The ‘shopper’, the person who created and shared the cart will receive points as normal when someone else purchases their cart for them. This is because the cart created and ultimately the order itself, is tied to the ‘shoppers’ account on our site.

Who runs YouPay?
YouPay is a venture funded Australian business lead by a team of industry experts. A true Aussie success story.

What happens if an item/s in a shared cart sells out?
Unfortunately, in this case, the cart link will work but the payer will see a message explaining that the cart is no longer available to purchase due to an item/s selling out.

Can I get a refund on YouPay orders?
Due to the way YouPay functions, only the shopper (the person who shared their cart) is able to request a refund. Unless the refund request is due to a design fault, refunds can only be provided in the form of a digital gift card.

Can shoppers from any country share their carts?
While anyone can purchase a cart, at present you will only be able to share your cart if you are in one of the following countries:

New Zealand

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