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Absolute Art Deco perfection

What's not to love?? Such a beautiful piece. Gorgeous colours, beautiful lines. And customer service second to none. Don't miss out on this stunning piece!

Great more please..

Very nice..
But on look out for styles with multi colours
Eg ladies with old world hats with colourful flowers.
Shoulder spray of flowers eg tulips, aust spider orchids.
Up right colourful aust parrots like budgiegars, kingfishers, magnificent riflebirds, new holland honeyeater, mulga parrot, crimson rosellas,
Hope this is helpful for ideas.

Bees Bees Bees

Wore it straight away love it quick service
Very happy. Also got my bee brooch matchy matchy


It’s so well made and very cute. I get comments when I wear it. Love it.

Satisfied squirrel 🐿

Love my new Squirrel scarf and how it matches both colour ways of this piece. Lovely fabric too

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