12 Christmas Gifts for the Vintage Lover in your Life

If you’re anything like us, the getting of Christmas presents is pretty great, but it’s the giving of gifts that really brings joy to our world.

In the spirit of the season, we’ve put together a little list of some of our favourite yuletide offerings. From big gifts to little gifts, DIY ideas to sweet stocking stuffers, we’ve got you covered with all the ideas ;) All you need now is a bit of time, a bit of cash and maybe a map of your local op shops and vintage stores 😉 Merry Christmas Darlings!


Step 1: Visit your local vintage or thrift store and buy some vintage magazines
Step 2: Scan the vintage ads, print and frame
Step 3: Gift your framed print along with the vintage magazine!
It’s as easy as that. Something lovely for their walls and something from times gone by to read too!


Question: How do you buy yourself a Christmas gift and have it still be a surprise?
Answer: Treat yourself to an Erstwilder Lucky Dip, of course!
Bypass the hassle of having to decide which lovely design to purchase for you or your loved one and let Erstwilder’s elusive elves make the decision for you. Now available as brooches, earrings, necklaces, scarves, Essentials and enamel pins.


It’s time to get clever in the kitchen. All you need for this one is a few recycled jars and some ingredients from your last supermarket shop. Make jams, salted caramel sauce… perfect on Christmas pudding. Tie them up with a cute bow and add a candy cane for that Christmassy touch.
Not a chef? Make it easy. Layer all the ingredients into a jar so your friend gets the joy of smelling delicious cooking and the treat of having something fresh from the oven. Personalise it by using a family recipe

Up for a bit of thrift shopping? True vintage and vintage inspired scarves are easy enough to come by, but if you’re after a little more authentically handmade and you’re handy with a needle and thread, why not pick up some vintage fabric and you could make a sweet scarf. Not so handy with the sewing? We’ve got you covered, shop our scarves.
Vintage sewing patterns are easy to find online or in vintage thrift stores or op shops and perfect for your crafty friend, but hey if you love sewing… and really love them, maybe you can sew your pal that perfect vintage ensemble. Skirts are pretty easy, if you know what to do. And you get to pick the sweetest vintage fabric. If you’re really nice you might even match it to their favourite brooch ;)

Who doesn’t love a good tune? Your retro-loving friend would no-doubt appreciate a personalised playlist from yours truly, or if they’re into the true vintage sound, some vintage vinyl is the way to go.

With so many amazing options now available on erstwilder.com, now is the perfect time to put together your own little gift box of matchy-matchy products. Pair anything at all from our range of brooches, earrings, necklaces, scarves, enamel pins and Erstwilder Essentials. Maybe base your selections on designs that match your intended recipients favourite ensemble? And don’t forget to top-up on MagnaPin, brooch converters and necklace chains so that they’re ready for all occasions. You can find all the extra goodies here!

Pinners are winners. These are the facts. Erstwilder now have our own range of enamel pins, something for any personality and perfect for last minute stocking stuffing. Take a peek at our cute pins here.

Such a sweet gift! Simply head to your local garden centre, grab a succulent, or pick a garden classic like nasturtiums or lavender for that extra vintage feel, and replant into a vintage container, pot or tin!

Does your brooch-loving bestie have a an epic collection but still need help tying together their outfit? How about a selection of our ever-popular, always in season Essential earrings? Available as drop and stud earrings in all varieties of shape, colours and resins, they’re yet another spot-on stocking stuffer.

Need something, quick, simple and thoughtful? What could be more perfect than an Erstwilder voucher! Available as a physical gift card or a digital download, just pick the amount, leave a lovely message and you’re done. We’ll let your loved one know what they got, and they can let you know the next time they see you.


Pick-up a picnic basket filled with goodies from your local shops or, to really personalise this pressie, grab a pre-loved basket from a thrift store, pop in a cute tea set, a vintage table cloth or crochet blanket and a selection of any of the above gift ideas, and voila! The ultimate vintage Christmas hamper that they can keep and use on all their fabulous picnic adventures.


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