2021 Horoscopes With HQ Astrologer Tess!

Resident HQ Astrologer Tess takes a crystal ball to 2021, putting an Erstwildian spin on your horoscope for the year ahead, complete with recommendations on what wear and listen to. Without further ado, here's our predictions!

You know better than anyone Aries that the fire inside you burns strong. You’re passionate and determined, no one can argue with that (because they’d lose). But when you light your flame, be sure not to burn yourself out. A task can be big or small, all worthy of celebration. We can learn lessons everywhere, from cleaning the house to a scenic hike. Remember, it’s the journey that’s important, and that comfy clothes are a corner stone of a good wardrobe! 

Listen: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell
Wear: Wind Rider, a headstrong bird ready to soar into anything.

A garden grows slowly, and as a patient Taurus you know this well. It takes responsibility and care to grow a plant, to create relationships, to learn a new skill and build yourself up. It isn’t selfish to take time for yourself. You wouldn’t deny a plant the things they need to grow, so why should you deny it to yourself? You are capable and worthy of great things, and while this is all metaphorical you should also drink water and stay hydrated, cos that’s pretty important too.

Listen: Kiss From a Rose by Seal
Wear: Country Chamomile, a calming plant to add to your bouquet.

Drop a Gemini in the middle of the ocean and you’d learn how to swim, it’s just in your nature. Being adaptable is a very important skill for so many situations, and in such turbulent times it’s a game changer that gives you a formidable edge. Even though you can get the job done in your own special way, never forget who you are. There’s only the one of you, even if Gemini’s are the twin sign! Take time to do the things you love, listen, watch, read and just enjoy being you!

Listen: Got to Be Real by Cheryl Lynn
Wear: Treasure Within, an individual with personality and sparkle in its heart!

If you’re born to the Cancer star sign, you know better than anyone that you can be an immovable object to the strongest unstoppable force. Tenacity is a beautiful thing, making you steadfast in your sense of self, and your loyalties. The people you love are lucky to have such a friend like you! But, changing your mind doesn’t equal weakness - sometimes it’s how we grow and discover new things to be passionate about. And hey, maybe you might like that food you always say you hate; palates can change!

Listen: Changes by David Bowie
Wear: Cyril the Sloth Necklace, he’s cute as a button, just like you!

Your mind is constantly a buzz with creativity Leo, sometimes you might find yourself a little lost up there! You’re quick off the mark in coming up with new ideas, writing, drawing, photography, present ideas, recipes, the list goes on! But with great creativity comes the opportunity for brain block, gasp! If ideas aren’t coming to you the way they used to, don’t beat yourself up. You’re not a creativity machine, and while it’s frustrating that you can’t get it, that fabulous new Ramen recipe will come with time!

Listen: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by The Eurythmics
Wear: Up in the Clouds Necklace, soaring through the clouds in bright colour.

For the hard-working Virgo (spoiler alert: it’s all of you), sometimes it’s hard to find a balance. You want to always bring you’re A-game, be the best you, hustle and do what you can for yourself and those around you. It’s admirable to say the least, but there’s no shame in not being able to do it all! Speaking up and telling someone (and yourself) “Sorry, I don’t think I can fit that in” isn’t the worst thing in the world. Take some time out, take a deep breath and absolutely crush it at giving yourself rest and time to recuperate.

Listen: Working for the Weekend by Loverboy
Wear: Satisfied Squirrel Brooch, a little hard-working friend with his well-earned treat.

How diplomatic you are Libra; you keep your eyes out for everyone around you. You’re a social butterfly and you love to take flight, talking to anyone that will listen and cracking jokes with the best of them! There can be certain stresses associated with this though, so remember it isn’t your job to keep the peace, don’t let people drag you into drama! Your wellbeing is more important, so take this as permission to sit this one out and just chill.

Listen: Dreams by Fleetwood Mac
Wear: Social Butterfly, go into the world and be who you are Libra!

No better friend to have than a Scorpio, brave, and passionate. You’re strong willed and you bring that to your all your life’s relationships. With such a passion for life, travel is where you’re at your prime and exploring the world means you get to learn and grow. In these unprecedented times, take this opportunity to explore your home turf with your friends. Go to a new shop, try new foods, check out a park you’ve never been to. Adventure can come from anywhere!

Listen: Roam by The B-52’s
Wear: Snoopy On The Road, a subtle reminder that it’s the journey, not the destination.

Tell us another joke Sagittarius, you’re the life of the party! You generously share your pure joy and humour with anyone that’s willing to listen, and we love you for that! You love to travel and learn about the world, bringing your infectious spirit wherever you go. Sometimes being on all the time can be draining though. You don’t always have to entertain. Make time to sit back, and enjoy the show every once in a while, you might learn some new tricks!

Listen: Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves
Wear: Dandelion’s Ballad, a sprig of sunshine to take on your day.

Practically perfect in every way! That’s you to a T, dear Capricorn. Polite, responsible, you always have everyone’s well-being in mind. Your family and friends mean the world to you and you spend a lot of your time making sure that everything goes right. A new year is the perfect time to have a little fun. You don’t always have to be responsible, you can let your hair down, it’s allowed! Dance like nobodies watching, fly a kite, do some karaoke - the world is your Oyster.

Listen: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper
Wear: Chaz the Chinchilla, the original party animal to help you get in the spirit!

What’s that sound? Oh, it’s an Aquarius marching to the beat of its own drum! It’s easy to be the most authentic version of yourself you can be, it’s just in your DNA. You also find independence easily, taking the reigns and leading yourself through life whether others are along for the ride or not. But don’t think that you HAVE to do it all alone, asking others for directions doesn’t mean you can’t find the way or that the journey isn’t going to be just as fun!

Listen: Go Your Way by Fleetwood Mac
Wear: Rita the Anteater Brooch, authentically herself, Rita is a real team player!

Like an owl in a graduation cap, your intuition and wisdom proceed you Pisces. Street smarts are the name of the game, and you know how to read other people’s energy. Whether it’s spouting life pro-tips or helping a friend in need, you’re the first to be there when others need some help, so turn your wisdom inward every now and then. We know you give a hoot about your friends, but don’t forget to give a hoot about yourself!

Listen: Life by Des’ree
Wear: Studious Snow Owl is the perfect companion to help guide you through the day.
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