5 wonderfully punny Valentines cards


Erstwilder’s first ever Valentines collection was released last week, and we hope you managed to grab your favourite design or three. You may have noticed that the designs in this collection had a bit of a familiar feeling, perhaps even evoking a little nostalgia with their distinctive style? That’s no accident...

Our designer for this release, the charming Carmen Hui, took inspiration from the look and feel of classic Valentines cards from yesteryear, adding just enough Erstwilder quirkiness to give them a unique appeal all their own.

We think she did a wonderful job of capturing that quintessential vintage Valentines feel, so we’ve put together a little list of some of our personal favourite Valentines cards, each with its own pun-tastic Valentines declaration.

We love a lot of things here at Erstwilder, but at the very top of that list is love itself.

1.“For the Record...”


We love a bit of vintage vinyl here at HQ. In fact half the staff are campaigning for an office record player we can boogie along to during our lunch breaks.


2.“You’re just my type!”

You may have noticed that we have a few budding wordsmiths here at Erstwilder? So, naturally we we drawn to this retro typewriter card.


3. “I’ll kick up my heels.”


At least one of the team here is a bit of an equine enthusiast. We think you might be able to guess who 😉 This was his or her choice.


4. “SO purrty.”

We also have a team member who has a soft spot for the kitties. He or she just couldn’t go past this heart warmer.


5. “Dog gone it.”

Okay, we admit it, we’re suckers for adorable animals. Everyone at HQ immediately fell in love with this darling doggo.

If you haven’t seen our Valentines collection yet, what are you waiting for? The big day is just around the corner, we still have 11 darling designs still available to buy and matchy matchy essentials too! Follow cupid’s arrow and take a peek at the collection right here.

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