5 Ways to Style your Brooch (and they’re not all obvious).

November 14, 2019 1 Comment

Okay, so, you may think it’s pretty obvious, how to wear a brooch, and it is, of course. But if being in the brooching business for almost 10 years has taught us anything (and it’s taught us a lot of things 😉) it’s that, to coin a phrase, there’s more than one way to pin a brooch.

So, here are 6 of our favourite ways to style your brooch, along with some cute snapshots to show you how other Erstwildians like to do it. Feel free to try any and all of these with your brand-new Christmas designs, and to share any of your personal brooch styling techniques with us on Instagram and Facebook.

Happy Brooching Lovelies!

1. Creative Placement!

Perfectly placed in at the centre of this purple (le) bow, our LeBeau the Luscious brooch makes for a suitably colour-coordinated addition to this cute-as-heck ensemble. What could be more fun than thinking outside the box and getting all creative with your brooch placement? Bag straps, coat collars and scarves are just of a few of the outside-the-ordinary accessory arrangements we recommend. And be sure to pick-up a few MagnaPin to make positioning your pin as simple as possible.

Image: @missmonmon.pinup photographed by @caitlyn92

2. Hat trick!

A subtle but striking addition to headwear of any style, our brooches look right at home as a creative addition to, or centrepiece of your crown adornment of choice. Blending seamlessly with your own personal style, we have a piece to suit any and all occasions. Christmas brooch for your Santa hat? You bet. Art Deco design for your fashionable head wrap? We’ve got you covered. 

Left Image: @girlwiththeredbob // Right Image: Model @miss.vintage.orchid, photographer @caitlynjean92

3. As a Combo!

Can’t decide which brooch to wear? We understand, the struggle is real. So, why not wear all of them? Why limit yourself? There’s more than enough free space on that jacket, those jeans, or, with the help of our friend the MagnaPin, that Summer dress, for more than one piece of flair. Grab an assortment of favourites from the latest collection or mix and match from any of the pieces in your personal stash and tell your own story, it’s a much better option than settling on just one.

Left Image: @Melstringer // Right Image: @Katehannah

4. Matchy Matchy with your friend or partner!

Talk about twinning! Get all matchy matchy with your partner (or partner in crime 😉) by sharing some of your Erstwilder collection and taking on the world as part of a terrific twosome. With so many complementary designs on offer, be they brooch, earring or necklace, you can play it safe and harmlessly harmonise, or get all creative and coordinate across contrasting collections. Just make sure the two of you are on the same page.

Image: @Eve_pain

5. Make it a Necklace

What’s that? A brooch can’t be a necklace you say. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. For anyone who was desperate to wear one of our designs but had nowhere to pin it, we’ve got something special for you! Combine your favourite piece with one of our ultra-handy Brooch-Necklace converters and Necklace Chains, and voila, your best brooch just became a suitable for all seasons necklace. 


Brooch Converters, Necklace Chains and MagnaPins can all be found in the Extras section on



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Rosaline Hull
Rosaline Hull

January 07, 2020

I love doing all THESE!!

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