Oh my Teer! A Guest post by Teer Wayde...


The following is a guest post from the absolutely drop-dead-gorgeous Teer Wayde. For the uninitiated, Teer is a Melbourne-based fashion fiend and plus size model with attitude, style and glamour for days. She's also part of the Erstwilder family. But we'll let Teer explain how that came to be... 

A few months ago I had a phone call that made my week! On the other end of the line was the adorable Marc from Erstwilder with a brilliant idea. Now as you now know for the most obvious of reasons (hence why I'm on here!) Erstwilder has finally launched their own online store and it was only a few short months ago that I was jumping with excitement over the news which was super secret at this point.

After being a huge fan of the brand for a while now and continuously falling in love with the adorable little critters and items that are released each season it only seemed fitting that we would finally team up. Together we worked out a plan and everything was set in motion to snap a few hundred or two images of the stunning range in stock for the website. Other than being super excited about the shoot I have to admit I was dying to get into Erstwilder HQ more than anything. I got to met the team, learn more about the product and got the sneaky previews of the new website before it went live.

Armed with boxes of adorable stock and my dear friend and photographer, we set out on a sunny afternoon to shoot each and every item we could possibly shoot. Pairing different styles with different outfits, colours with complementing fabrics and hairstyles with accessories we had it all planned. Through this whole process I ended up falling in love with so many more items, learned how cute they can look with a variety of different looks and became obsessed with the whole new range of Travel goodies.

Erstwilder product for a photo shoot with Teer Wayde

My stand out favourites shot on the day have to be these:

How adorable is this lovely little orange cow? Accessorizing up with her as she accessories herself. I love how well this shade pops on my bright red top.

Teer Wayde wearing Erstwilder Daisy the Kissing Cow Brooch



Now I absolutely adore foxes and tend to buy anything I can get my hands on including the adorable range here but this little lady won my heart. She's larger than most of the brooches and is a real statement piece.

Teer Wayde wearing Erstwilder Flora Fox Face brooch


Well done guys, you've now turned me into a huge fan of the statement necklace! I've always shied away from big statement pieces as I have a large chest but with the right top, they are brilliant! This style is definitely on my lust list.

Teer Wayde wearing Erstwilder LeBeau the Luscious Cat necklace



Then finally one of the most adorable styles we shot. I love how creative the designers have become and how many two piece brooches you can now find in the range. This balloon style is so sweet and will look amazing with shirts, cardigans, dresses and more!

Teer Wayde wearing Erstwilder Bev and the Flying Balloon brooch



These are Teer's favourites... what's your favourite Erstwilder design? And if you are yet to start your collection, which do you have your eye on?

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