Erstwilder x Care Bears Collection Reveal

The Care Bears Are Back!

Excitement is building, it's almost cuddle time once again. This officially licensed release brings the love with all the colour and caring you'd expect from Care Bears. For those who love to Cheer, those who need a little bit of Good Luck, and even those who get a little Grumpy every now and then, it’s time to Care again.

Press ‘play’ to discover the full range of limited run, layered resin accessories, not to mention a selection of spirited scarves, enchanting enamel pins and complementary cloud and heart-shaped Essential earrings.

And for those who prefer a closer look, check out the photography below!


Good Morning, Grumpy Bear™ Brooch - $44.95
What's Up, Grumpy Bear™? Earrings - $44.95
Grumpy Bear™ Cardigan Clips - $49.95
Grumpy Bear™ Cloud Earrings - $44.95
Grumpy Bear™ Cloud Cardigan Clips - $49.95
Love-A-Lot™ Cupid Brooch - $49.95
Lots of Love Necklace - $69.95
Cheer Bear™ Earrings - $44.95
Cheer Bear™ Smiles Cardigan Clips - $49.95
Cheer Bear™ In The Sky Brooch - $54.95
Lucky Charm Brooch - $44.95
Trick-Or-Sweet Bear™ Brooch - $44.95
Grams Bear™ Brooch - $44.95
Baby Hugs and Tugs™ Brooch - $44.95
Funshine and Sunshine Brooch - $44.95
Cloudmobile™ Brooch - $44.95
Loyal Heart Dog™ Brooch - $44.95
Playful Heart Monkey™ Brooch - $44.95
Gentle Heart Lamb™ Brooch - $44.95
100% Huggable Necklace - $74.95
Rainbow Friends Necklace - $84.95
Lucky Charm Enamel Pin - $14.95
Good Morning, Grumpy Bear™ Enamel Pin - $14.95
Trick-Or-Sweet Bear™ Enamel Pin - $14.95
Funshine and Sunshine Enamel Pin - $19.95
Cheer Bear™ In The Sky Enamel Pin - $19.95
Love-A-Lot™ Cupid Enamel Pin - $14.95
Love-A-Lot Bear™ Head/Neck Scarf - $24.95/$34.95
Grumpy Bear™ Head/Neck Scarf - $24.95/$34.95
Starry Night Head/Neck Scarf - $24.95/$34.95
Essential Earrings - Stud/Drop - $10.00 each
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