10 Questions with Katherine Sabbath!

Insanely talented and stylish to boot, you may recognise Katherine Sabbath from her stint as a guest judge on MasterChef Australia, or from her drool-worthy baking creations that are often all over Instagram!

We were honoured to collaborate with her recently, as Katherine is a big fan of a certain Kitty! We asked her 10 questions to learn more about her, her wonderful work and her creative process. 

1. How did you start first start baking?
I developed my love for baking at a very young age under the guidance of my talented German Grandmother, Liselotte, who would always have a freshly baked treat ready for me whenever I came to visit! As soon as I could be trusted with an electric beater, I would attempt a baking project. Triple chocolate brownies are where it all started for me. I could never find a chocolate brownie decadent or gooey enough, or made from good quality ingredients I enjoyed eating, so I made my own delicious monstrosities! I adore baking because you have the ability to create something delicious, beautiful and thoughtful as a special treat to share with others. It’s a fantastic way to make friends!

2. What is your creative process and how do you find inspiration?
I like to practise my creativity by decorating cakes with things I can find in my local supermarket (especially the lolly and baking aisles) or ingredients found at home. If I have more time to plan, I like to be inspired by pop art, nature, fashion, films, and my favourite flavours at the time (right now it’s a balance of Biscoff, chocolate & caramel!).

3. Do you create your amazing cake masterpieces at home?! What equipment do you use?
Everything I create is made in my home kitchen! You don't need super fancy equipment to bake something delicious and impressive. My personal favourites are a lazy susan from Ikea (I use it as an affordable cake turntable), an acrylic cake scraper (for those super smooth sides and edges), and a hand-held electric mixer. Once you're ready to spoil yourself, I'm deeply in love with my KitchenAid stand mixer!

4. What is your absolute go-to, crowd pleasing dessert or cake flavour?
I'm a big fan of caramel slice (it's easy to share around) and tiramisu (it's super fast to whip up!), but I adore any cake with flavours of chocolate, strawberry, and caramel. Or a summery cake with layers of light vanilla sponge, freshly whipped cream and lemon curd. YUM!

5. What three items are in your kitchen pantry at all times?
Chocolate, unsalted butter, self-raising cake flour (it's slightly lighter in texture than normal self-raising flour)

6. Complete the sentence: The key to baking is…
Use ingredients you enjoy eating and bake for the people you love!

7. How would you describe your everyday style?
In three words I would say my personal style is quirky, bold, and thoughtful. Although I try not to take myself too seriously! Fashion is a fun form of self expression!

8. If a movie was made about you, who would play you?
I think Awkwafina is hilarious and anything directed/produced by Tina Fey would be a winner!

9. What has been your career highlight to date?
I was lucky enough to be a guest judge on MasterChef, where contestants were challenged to make my 12-layered raspberry birthday cake. It was extremely special being part of this pivotal moment in the lives of such amazing home cooks, & work with judges who I respect dearly!

10. Are you working on any exciting projects at the moment?
YES! I've just started working on my third cookbook, and it's looking like a real beauty! I can't wait to share these recipes and stories with you all.

Follow Katherine's amazing work online via her Website or Instagram 💖

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