Meet Our 10th Birthday Competition Winners!

Introducing our 10th Birthday Competition Winners!

To celebrate our 10th Birthday last year, we held a competition for you broochies to get the ultimate prize! A chance to select your all-time favourite piece from the complete back catalogue of Erstwilder original designs* and work with our design team to lovingly update it with new colours and resin selections to create your own, one-of-a-kind, priceless Erstwilder treasure. We asked you to share your Erstwilder stories in order to win and said we would choose 3 winners. Well… in true Erstwilder fashion, we got a little carried away and excited by all of the incredible entries, so we chose a total of 7 winners for this once in a lifetime prize.

Introducing our 7 winners and their incredible Erstwilder stories!

Emma B

“I got engaged while wearing Erstwilder earrings and brooches! My beloved proposed to me with a treasure hunt that involved all of my favourite things, including the Star Light Star Bright earrings, and one of the stunning minis from the Trinket Trio Brooch set. A beautiful Christmas Eve engagement! I will forever associate these beautiful pieces with one of the best days of my life.”

Kirsty J

“I started wearing brooches to the office in 2016, which caught the attention of my co-worker. She loved them and started wearing them as well. Long story short, she and I became besties and I had her as my bridesmaid where we both wore our favourite brooches.”

Sarah T

“Lucy and I had been dating for a little while, and it was my first birthday with us as a couple. She handed me a little round box and in it was Cera Grown Up. It was honestly the perfect gift, my love of dinosaurs coupled with my name made it especially lovely. It sounds silly to think that over a brooch I knew I’d marry her, but that gift symbolised how well she knew me. Same sex marriage wasn’t legal then, but I knew someday we would be a family. We are now married and have a son together.”

Sharlet G

“Had just gotten home after 9 months of chemotherapy/cancer treatment 5hrs away from home for my 3-year-old son, and my friend sent me the purple Peacock (I have a pair of peacock) as a gift for no other reason than to share the love as I had also had a little girl 6 weeks prior and she wanted to welcome me home! I fell in love instantly and went from 1 brooch to 50+ in 4 months… my brooches consist significantly of things that remind me of where I live, in the bush Australian Natives are a fav.”

Verity C

“My Mum is a long-time Erstwildian and bought me my first piece. For several years I was crazy enough to think one piece was enough for me! My collection has since exploded and gives me no end of joy. My 5-year-old daughter now collects pins, too, so, come reveal day, we sit, 3 generations of Erstwildians, watching the release video and listing our selections. It has been an extra special way of connecting family and bringing joy in recent times of restrictions and separation.”

Katja L

“Erstwilder brooches are a part of me, my nightly routine, when I’m picking out my clothes for the next day. Some days they reflect how I feel (grumpy), but usually they cheer me up. I wish there were more broochies here in my county, but I’ve discovered these lovely Facebook groups of brooch lovers.”

Joann N

“I was looking for a piece to commemorate the birth of our rainbow baby, Loki, born 29th May 2021. We lost our little angel baby boy Liam at 21 weeks gestation last mid-May. I've only just started collecting Erstwilder again... casually browsing and saw your Care Bears collaboration. I was fortunate enough to find Cheer Bear's Positively Cheerful necklace to commemorate Loki's birth. He is almost 5 months old now. We also have a 6.5yr old and 3 corgkids. I am tired. lol! Thank you! Lots of love!”

Stay tuned to see what designs our winners choose and what forms they return in!

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