Meet Sally Land - Erstwilder Ocean Vibes Designer Collection


The following is a guest post from Erstwilder designer Sally Land!


Hi cuties! I’m Sally Land, the designer for the ocean vibes range. We thought it would be fun to share some behind the scenes snaps of how your new brooches came to be.

So much of this range is based on your requests, we read over so many comments and requests. Yep, we listen to your suggestions and we love hearing them!

Once we know what you’d like to see we have a big ol’ team chat and figure out how we can bring those designs into reality. As an illustrator I get to draw your ideas but it all starts out fairly rough as I scribble the designs out on paper or on the computer to get them out of my head as quickly as possible. If you’re not fast the best ideas might escape!

Sometimes the initial pencil sketch is very close to how the final piece will look and sometimes it’s not very close at all (clearly I thought old man walrus was a hoot right from the get go).

Guest Blog by Erstwilder Designer Sally Land

I take those rough pencil sketches and refine them on the computer to get a better idea of colours and how the brooch will work once we put it all together. Once we have a design that we think will look lovely I refine it once more to make it look all fancy and neat.

Behind the scenes with Erstwilder Ocean Vibes designer Sally Land
I was really excited to be able to work on this range and bring your ideas to life, I’ve loved reading everyone’s sweet comments and I hope you found something special that you love. Pop over to my instagram to see more behind the scenes artwork @sallylandillustration and say hello. Oh and before you go feel welcome to stop by and visit the erstwilder suggestion box , maybe I’ll be drawing your design next!


Erstwilder designer Sally Land at her workspace


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