Milestone Collector Pin Program

Introducing exclusive collectors pins!

From the very beginning, Erstwilder has been a brand that’s all about the community. It is you who inspire us, our designs, and our every effort to spark joy all over this big, beautiful world. Your support means the world to us, and we wanted to show this with more than words.

So, we’ve gone about creating a series of sweet enamel pins to acknowledge your love of Erstwilder and are delighted to be sharing them with you, with all our love.

Our milestone pin designs have been inspired by Duke of Edinburgh’s Award badges. We’ve created three versions representing three different levels of patronage and you’ll receive them automatically with your orders, as you qualify for them. Yep, we’ve got a very smart set up which tells us when you’ve qualified so we know to pop them in for you 😉

We hope you love these collectible little tokens of our appreciation!


What are the three levels of qualification?
A collectors enamel pin design has been created to recognise community members who reach 50, 75 and 100 orders.

Will other levels of qualification ever be introduced?
At present we don’t have a plan for that, but never say never!

Do orders made with stockists count toward qualification for these collector pins?
Unfortunately, they do not. While we love our stockists, it’s simply not possible for us to account for orders which don’t come through erstwilder.com

Can I combine orders from multiple accounts to qualify?
Sorry, no. Our system automatically detects when someone qualifies and notifies out warehouse team to add the appropriate collectors pin to an existing order. It cannot account for orders across multiple accounts.

My account on Erstwilder.com only shows my 20 most recent orders. Do you have my full order history?
Yes! Don’t worry about that. Our site keeps track of all orders you place with us so we’ll know when you qualify!

I believe I qualified by I didn’t receive a collectors pin. What do I do?
Email Us! We’re only human. Sometimes we make mistakes. If you believe you’ve qualified for a 50, 75, or 100 order pin and we’ve missed it please reach out to us at hello@erstwilder.com and we’ll look into it for you!
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