To our wonderful community over in the USA. This is an important announcement for you all. Things in the world of postage have been changing rapidly, as everything has really, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

For us, we’ve had to closely monitor our shipping service providers because with reduced services available, and increased sales from online stores, we’re seeing two things increasing consistently, delays, and costs.

Today we reaching a tipping point, and had to make a tough decision. Really, it came down to saving some money, at a time when every dollar really matters, or offering all of you in our wonderful USA community a better service, at a time when everyone needs a little joy. Long story short, we chose you. Since all this craziness started it’s clear that you’ve been supporting us, and we appreciate it more than you know, so we’re going to support you too.

So, from 1:00PM (AEST) Wednesday May 6th and until further notice all orders to the USA will be shipped with DHL Express, at no extra cost to you. For USA order you will no longer see other options, only DHL Express, but it will remain at the very low price of $9.95 (AUD), and be free for orders over $100 (AUD).

This means you get to skip the queues and receive your orders from ERSTWILDER.COM in 4-6 working days – it’s usually 1-3 working days but even DHL Express is seeing some small delays. Yes, this will cost us more, and no, we won’t be able to do it forever, but we think you’re totally worth it, so we’re starting now and we’ll keep it going as long as we can.

If you want to help reduce the burden this adds for us, well, however many pieces you’re buying, consider adding one more. It makes a big difference. But, we know times are tough for everyone, and we appreciate all of you and any order, no matter how big or small. So, you do you, and we’ll keep doing our best as well.

To anyone reading this outside of the USA, we’re sorry we can’t make similar changes for you at this stage but we’re keeping a close eye on all shipping changes to all regions and will let you know if the situation changes.

Lastly, thank you again, to everyone who is supporting us through this difficult time. We hope your pretty pieces are bringing you as much joy as receiving your orders is bringing out team.



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