Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Erstwilder on my blog and this was my first time to have some pieces of my own. I really love styling these brooches and adding them as the finishing touch to an outfit. The newly released brooches have not only been a hit amongst Erstwilder fans but this unique brand continues to create the cutest and quirkiest accessories and I love to to wear them!

Here are some shots of some of my favourite new Erstwilder brooches.

Gracefully Vintage with King of the Bush Erstwilder Brooch 1
Gracefully Vintage with Erstwilder King of the Bush Brooch 2

I absolutely love the Australiana Erstwilder designs and I could not go past the Kookaburra brooch. These wonderful birds visit my backyard frequently, have watched over me whilst camping and they have the most distinct call that sounds like they are laughing. This little guy is the perfect addition to the Erstwilder family. 

Gracefully Vintage with Erstwilder Round the Twist Brooch 1
Gracefully Vintage with Erstwilder Round the Twist Brooch 2

There is no denying that I love nautical themed clothing and accessories so I was very excited to for this brooch. It is also named after an Australian series with the same name and I loved watching that show each week as a child. The colours of this brooch are just so stunning too.

Gracefull Vintage with Erstwilder Posh and Pooch Brooch 1
Gracefully Vintage with Erstwilder Posh and Pooch Brooch 2

This is such a fun brooch and I like to pretend that it is myself walking the Poodle as I have two dogs of my own - one being a Poodle. It's such a clever idea and I think it would make a great evening brooch too as it is such a classy piece that would cause a lot of conversation. If there is a brooch that resembles my dogs I need it and I have three Erstwilder dog brooches now, I can't resist!

Gracefully Vintage with Erstwilder Ginger the Christmas Cookie Brooch


Now this one didn't last long and it is no surprise that it sold out so quickly! Erstwilder included a Christmas range for the new collection and this cutie was my favourite of the lot. I wore it countless times during December and it really completed my Christmas looks. 

And there we have it, my favourites from the new collection, I love them all though! I have quickly become a huge Erstwilder fan and can't wait to add more and more to my collection.

Kayla - Gracefully Vintage xo

Instagram: @gracefullyvintage

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