A Year in Bloom Collection Reveal

What's your pick of the bunch?!

Presenting a curated capsule collection featuring 12 gorgeous flower brooch designs, specifically chosen to represent the 12 months in the calendar year. Which is to say, these 12 blooms are tailor-made to help you celebrate the anniversary of your own personal blossoming or that of someone special in your life.

Of course, your favourite design might not be the one allocated to any particular birth month, which is perfectly fine too because these budding accessories are appropriate for anyone and any time of year!

Without further ado, please watch the collection reveal video and scroll below to see all the beautiful photography of this must-have limited run collection.

A Year in Bloom launches 12:30pm AEST Tuesday 23 May 2023

P.S. Get prepared before launch with these helpful tips here.

Flower of the Gods Brooch - $49.95
55mm x 65mm

Goddess of Rainbows Brooch - $49.95
56mm x 61mm

Joy For Ever Brooch - $49.95
62mm x 66mm

Day's Eye Brooch - $49.95
61mm x 61mm

Our Lady's Tears Brooch - $49.95
43mm x 71mm

By Any Other Name Brooch - $49.95

61mm x 54mm

Knight's Spur Brooch - $49.95

43mm x 66mm

Little Sword Brooch - $49.95

39mm x 66mm

Garden Star Brooch - $49.95

49mm x 61mm

Herb of the Sun Brooch - $49.95

52mm x 61mm

Festival of Happiness Brooch - $49.95

57mm x 61mm

Flower of the Holy Night Brooch - $49.95

56mm x 61mm
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