Erstwilder Pets: Meet Cooper!


February 3rd is International Golden Retriever Day and we want to celebrate! Here at Erstwilder HQ, we love puppies, big or little, old, young or somewhere in the middle. Today in honour of our four-legged friends we’ve got a special guest, Cooper the Golden Retriever!

Born in March 2009, he started life as a tiny little wriggly lump of cream coloured fur, growing into a spunky little puppy full of energy and ‘maturing’ into a spunky big puppy full of energy. Now his English isn’t great, so we’ve got his bestie, Tess to help him tell us some of his favourite things.

1. Swimming and the beach! 

Introduced to the water young, it was love at first swim. From chasing rocks in the bay with fishes and dolphins to digging holes on the beach, and then napping in those holes. Cooper gets two walks a day and once he’s in the water, well that’s it you won’t get him to leave any time soon!


    2. Playing with his favourite toys!

    Warthog, Muffin, Kong, Flamingo, these are just a few of Cooper's favourite toys. But nothing compares to his first and his most-favourite Bedtime Wubby. Being very gentle with all his toys, Cooper has quite the collection, all in mint condition (if not a little slobbery). He’ll bring you one to look at, but careful no touch, just look.


    3. Snoozing in the Park 

    In his golden (pun intended) years Cooper has gained a taste for the finer things in life. Nothing hits the spot quite like a relaxing lie-down. Where better to sit and watch the world go by than at the park? With all the smells a dog could ask for: people, possums, grass, the sea, he’s a real renaissance pup.

    Wherever you find him, Cooper is just a big sweetheart, loving people, dogs and cats (okay he’s scared of the cat, but they love each other deep down) alike. Do you have a favourite dog breed? What breed of dog should Erstwilder design next? Tell us here. And hands up if you want a Cooper Brooch?

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