Erstwilder x Terry Runyan Halloween Collection Reveal

A purr-fect Halloween collection, revealed!

Ready to discover the latest Erstwilder x Terry Runyan collection?!

You’ll find Terry’s signature style on full display in each and every design of this purr-fect collaboration. And though we share Terry’s fondness for kitty cats, you’ll also find an assortment of bats, pumpkins, and more frighteningly fantastic friends!

Plus, we present an assortment of Erstwilder original Essential Earrings along with a selection of all-new ‘simplified’ mini brooch designs created in response to community demand.

Still limited-run and collectable, and featuring all the Erstwilder charm you’ve come to expect, these ‘simplified’ brooches are smaller and lighter, with a more minimal design approach for the more modest broochie. Each design has a name but they will not feature stories, and they will come presented on a backing card, rather than in the traditional gift boxes, allowing us to offer these gourd-geous pieces at affordable prices.

So hold onto your broomsticks, and watch the collection reveal video along with reading the details below to plan your must-have purchases ahead of this spook-tacular launch.


Essential Earrings will be made available to add to cart or purchase from 12:00pm AEST.

P.S. Prepare for launch with these helpful tips here

Pumpkin Time Kitty Brooch - $44.95
28mm x 70mm

Hocus Purrcas Brooch - $44.95
22mm x 75mm

The Whiskered Witch Brooch - $44.95
24mm x 75mm

Familiar Shadow Brooch - $44.95
25mm x 70mm

Bed Knobs & Broomsticks Brooch - $44.95
65mm x 53mm

From the Catacombs Brooch - $44.95
65mm x 60mm

Owl-O-Ween Brooch - $49.95
38mm x 64mm

Night of the Living Cat Brooch - $49.95
51mm x 65mm

Midnight Magic Pumpkin Mini Brooch - $39.95
36mm x 40mm

Midnight Magic Pumpkin Drop Earrings - $49.95

27mm x 30mm

Nine Afterlives Mini Brooch - $34.95

33mm x 45mm

Nine Afterlives Drop Earrings - $49.95

27mm x 35mm

Halloween Hang-up Bat Mini Brooch - $34.95

13mm x 45mm

Halloween Hang-up Bat Drop Earrings - $49.95

13mm x 45mm

Halloween Hang-up Bat Necklace - $99.95

73mm x 65mm

Pumpkin Patch Mini Brooch Set - $39.95
Orange & Orange Gingham

40mm x 32mm

Pumpkin Patch Mini Brooch Set - $39.95
Gold & Black Gingham

40mm x 32mm

Fang Time Bat Mini Brooch - $24.95

48mm x 34mm

Glitter Ghost Mini Brooch - $24.95

35mm x 40mm

Shadow the Cat Mini Brooch - $24.95

35mm x 36mm

Pumpkin Patch Stud Earrings Set - $25 each set
Orange Gingham/Orange Mirror
Black Gingham/Gold Mirror

Pumpkin Gingham Drop Earrings - $15 each
Orange and Black

Fang Time Bat Chunky Glitter Earrings - $15 each
Stud (Silver) and Drop (Purple)

Shadow the Cat Glitter Earrings - $15 each
Stud and Drop

Pumpkin Mirror Drop Earrings - $15 each
Orange Mirror and Gold Mirror

BOO Gingham Drop Earrings - $15 each
Orange and Black

Glitter Ghost Drop Earrings - $15 each

Pick & Mix Available on all Essential Earrings
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