Erstwilder x Jocelyn Proust Collection Reveal

Our third collaboration with an Erstwilder design favourite!

It's no secret that Erstwildians love a good team up. And there’s one in particular for which the requests have not ceased since our first collaboration back in 2021. That’s why we’re delighted to announce our major launch for October (and our only collection launch for this month) is the next edition of Erstwilder x Jocelyn Proust accessories!

Fine feathered friends, fresh florals and interesting insects are the stars of this upcoming collection of wearable art. Featuring Jocelyn Proust’s signature use of vibrant colour combinations, you’ll find brooches, earrings, and necklaces here, as well as striking hair clips, claws, and barrettes alongside beautiful printed essential earrings that perfectly compliment the designs in this range.

Watch the collection reveal video and read the details below to plan your must-have purchases ahead of launch. And don't miss the info about your exclusive bonus gift too!


Enamel Pins and Essential Earrings will be made available to add to cart or purchase from 12:00pm AEDT.

P.S. Prepare for launch with these helpful tips here

To celebrate this release, we've produced this 'A Finch By Any Other Name' Brooch as your exclusive bonus gift!

From 12pm AEDT launch day Tuesday 3rd October, spend $140 AUD or more in a single transaction on ERSTWILDER.COM (on any products online) and this design will automatically be added to your cart and included with your order, while stocks last.

Diamond Firetail Finch

Skittles the Sun Lover Brooch - $54.95
Rainbow Lorikeet
59mm x 57mm

Burgundy Brush Brooch - $49.95
Bottle Brush
62mm x 52mm

Ruby Red-Flowering Gum Brooch - $49.95
Red Gum Blossom
50mm x 68mm

Scarlet Sovereign Brooch - $49.95
King Parrot
51mm x 70mm

Scarlet Sovereign Earrings - $54.95
King Parrot
32mm x 47mm

Shady Lady Red Brooch - $49.95
Red Waratah
65mm x 52mm

Dawn of December Brooch - $54.95
Christmas Bush
56mm x 52mm

Dawn of December Earrings - $54.95
Christmas Bush
32mm x 38mm

Dawn of December Hair Clip Claw - $79.95
Christmas Bush
100mm x 53mm

Seeing Red Brooch - $49.95

64mm x 44mm

Nomadic Royalty Brooch - $49.95
Regent Honeyeater

52mm x 62mm

Booming Bloom Lover Brooch - $54.95
Little Wattlebird

41mm x 59mm

Cicadian Rhythms Brooch - $49.95

32mm x 55mm

Cicadian Rhythms Earrings - $54.95

22mm x 40mm

Cicadian Rhythms Hair Clips Set - 2 Piece - $54.95

26mm x 45mm

Sunny of the Sulphur Crest Brooch - $54.95
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

59mm x 54mm

Sunny of the Sulphur Crest Earrings - $54.95
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

37mm x 55mm

Acacia in Gold Brooch - $49.95

51mm x 61mm

Forever and Ever Brooch - $54.95
Everlasting Daisy

65mm x 57mm

Forever and Ever Earrings - $54.95
Everlasting Daisy

40mm x 33mm

Forever and Ever Hair Clip Claw - $79.95
Everlasting Daisy

100mm x 59mm

Yellow Efflorescence Necklace - $119.95
Everlasting Daisy + Wattle

125mm x 63mm

Rhapsody in Blue Brooch - $54.95
Blue Banksia

65mm x 54mm

Verdant Green Gum Brooch - $49.95
Green Gum Blossom

52mm x 64mm

Luck of the Beetle Brooch - $54.95
Bright Green Beetle

50mm x 42mm

Luck of the Beetle Earrings - $49.95
Bright Green Beetle

15mm x 18mm

Luck of the Beetle Hair Clips Set - 2 Piece - $54.95
Bright Green Beetle

31mm x 38mm

The Colour of Envy Brooch - $54.95
Green Banksia

63mm x 47mm

Bridal Gown Botanical Brooch - $54.95
White Waratah

59mm x 62mm

Pastoral Party Necklace - $119.95
Green Gum Blossom + White Waratah + Green Banksia

119mm x 70mm

Sapphire Sky Dancer Brooch - $54.95
Bright Blue Dragonfly

64mm x 37mm

Sapphire Sky Dancer Earrings - $54.95
Bright Blue Dragonfly

45mm x 27mm

Sapphire Sky Dancer Hair Clips Set - 2 Piece - $54.95
Bright Blue Dragonfly

50mm x 29mm

Sapphire Sky Dancer Hair Clip Claw - $79.95
Bright Blue Dragonfly

88mm x 47mm

Thunderbolt of Cobalt Brooch - $54.95
Superb Fairywren

70mm x 50mm

Wings Laced in Red Brooch - $54.95
Red Lace Wing Butterfly

64mm x 44mm

Wings Laced in Red Earrings - $49.95
Red Lace Wing Butterfly

40mm x 27mm

Wings Laced in Red Hair Clips Set - 2 Piece - $54.95
Red Lace Wing Butterfly

50mm x 34mm

Amongst the Christmas Bush Necklace - $109.95
Diamond Firetail Finch + Christmas Bush + Red Lace Wing Butterfly

118mm x 62mm

Christmas Bush Hair Clip Claw - $49.95

80mm x 46mm

Christmas Bush Hair Clip Barrette - $49.95

80mm x 27mm

Daisy Hair Clip Claw - $49.95

80mm x 46mm

Daisy Hair Clip Barrette - $49.95

80mm x 27mm

Green Gum Hair Clip Claw - $49.95

80mm x 46mm

Green Gum Hair Clip Barrette - $49.95

80mm x 27mm

Christmas Bush Rounded Stud Earrings - Red - $24.95

20mm x 20mm

Christmas Bush Hoop Stud Earrings - Red - $24.95

30mm x 30mm

Christmas Bush Circle Drop Earrings - Red - $24.95

40mm x 40mm

Daisy Rounded Stud Earrings - Yellow - $24.95

20mm x 20mm

Daisy Hoop Stud Earrings - Yellow - $24.95

30mm x 30mm

Daisy Circle Drop Earrings - Yellow - $24.95

40mm x 40mm

Green Gum Rounded Stud Earrings - Green - $24.95

20mm x 20mm

Green Gum Hoop Stud Earrings - Green - $24.95

30mm x 30mm

Green Gum Circle Drop Earrings - Green - $24.95

40mm x 40mm

Assorted Enamel Pins $17.95 each // 10-Pack $124.95
Pick & Mix Available
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