Erstwilder x Terry Runyan Collection Reveal

Our next artist collaboration is here!

In case you missed the memo, the latest artist to lend their considerable talents to Erstwilder is the wonderfully talented Terry Runyan.

This Kansas City-based visual artist is a former long-time in-house illustrator for Hallmark, renowned for her happy art and playful character designs, all of which have been captured in the soon-to-be-released collection.

Ready to explore the full range of resin and enamel designs?! Watch the collection reveal video and scroll below for all the details but be warned, you might find yourself smiling so hard your face hurts! 


Enamel Pins & Enamel Key Rings will be made available to add to cart or purchase from 12:00pm AEDT.

P.S. Prepare for launch with these helpful tips here

Catmen Miranda Brooch - $49.95
54mm x 68mm

Catmen Miranda Drop Earrings - $54.95
37mm x 43mm

Catmaid Brooch - $44.95
54mm x 72mm

Hide and Seek Cats Brooch - $44.95
66mm x 68mm

Mouse Tea Brooch - $44.95
67mm x 60mm

Piñata Cat Brooch - $49.95
54mm x 61mm

Whiskered Snout Brooch - $44.95
58mm x 60mm

Order of the Pug Brooch - $49.95
55mm x 54mm

Order of the Pug Hair Clips Set - 2 Piece - $54.95
35mm x 34mm

Thunder Lizard Brooch - $44.95

64mm x 65mm

Good Karma Brooch - $49.95

65mm x 58mm

Reluctant Wingman Brooch - $44.95

56mm x 62mm

Nordic Messenger Brooch - $44.95

59mm x 58mm

Sunday Raccoon Brooch - $44.95

62mm x 63mm

Family Affair Brooch - $49.95

55mm x 57mm

Long Dog Brooch - $44.95

75mm x 41mm

Long Dog Necklace - $89.95

104mm x 55mm

Poodle Along Brooch - $44.95

35mm x 73mm

Scottie Love Brooch - $44.95

57mm x 59mm

Feline Florescence Brooch - $44.95

43mm x 70mm

Feline Florescence Hair Clips Set - 2 Piece - $54.95

24mm x 40mm

Moon Ride Brooch - $44.95

74mm x 57mm

Clairvoyant Cat Brooch - $44.95

51mm x 68mm

Feather Dress Brooch - $49.95

33mm x 68mm

Feather Dress Drop Earrings - $54.95

25mm x 52mm

Feather Dress Hair Clips Set - 2 Piece - $54.95

19mm x 37mm

A Little Sluggish Necklace - $79.95

128mm x 83mm

Assorted Enamel Pins $17.95 each // 8-Pack $109.95
Assorted Enamel Key Rings $39.95 each
Pick & Mix Available
10 questions with Terry Runyan!

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10 questions with Terry Runyan!

Our latest collaboration with Kansas City-based artist and illustrator Terry Runyan is already proving to be a new community favourite!...

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