Fan Favourites 2024 Collection Reveal

Ready to discover every piece in our 2024 Fan Favourites release?!

For our newer Erstwilder community members, ‘Fan Favourite’ collections feature a mix of our most popular, most requested and/or fastest-selling designs, back in all new resins and colours. And while our Fan Favourite releases are always guided by community requests, this year we let one particularly knowledgeable and insightful community member, Lisa H, really drive the design selection on your behalf, and let us just say, she did a fantastic job!

The end result is a highly sought-after range of brooches, earrings and necklaces, most of which have either never been recoloured before or were last released over a decade ago. So, whether you’re a long-time collector who’s excited to see new versions of early designs, or a newer community member excited about the opportunity to secure pieces you never dreamt you’d be able to find, there’s a lot to be excited about in this release!

But don’t take our word for it, watch the video and scroll down 
for additional photography, measurements and for the first time, "Past Release" info with links to the Erstwilder Museum to see previous design colours - simply click on the year listed below.

Then all that is left to do is set your alarms and prepare for launch with these helpful tips here!



Enamel will be made available to add to cart or purchase from 12pm AEST
Please also note the time zone change from AEDT to AEST


T‌UE‌ 9 AP‌R

BAN‌GKOK 9:‌3‌0‌A‌M IC‌T
AUC‌KLA‌ND 2‌:3‌‌0‌P‌M N‌Z‌‌ST
LO‌NDO‌N 3:‌3‌0‌A‌M BS‌T

M‌‌ON‌ 8 ‌A‌PR
EA‌ST COA‌ST, U‌S/C‌A 10:‌30‌‌P‌‌M E‌‌D‌T
WES‌T C‌OAST, U‌S/C‌A 7:‌3‌‌0P‌‌M P‌‌D‌T



Bonus Gift with Purchase!

To celebrate this release, we've produced this 'Anouk's Lost Letter' Brooch as your exclusive bonus gift!

From 12:00pm AEST launch day Tuesday 9th April 2024, spend $140 AUD or more in a single transaction on ERSTWILDER.COM (on any products online) and this design will automatically be added to your cart and included with your order, while stocks last.

Cat in a Hat Brooch - $54.95
72mm x 42mm
Past Releases 2012
Randy Racoon Brooch - $49.95
54mm x 60mm
Past Releases 2013
Herb's Hot Hoot Brooch - $49.95
60mm x 46mm
Past Releases 2014

Beatrice Beagle Brooch - $49.95
56mm x 60mm
Past Releases 20132014, 2014, 2014 

Maude Cat Brooch - $49.95
70mm x 55mm
Past Releases 2014
Tuffy's Puppy Treat Brooch - $49.95
70mm x 48mm
Past Releases 2014

Claudette Brooch - $49.95
70mm x 44mm
Past Releases 2013, 2013, 2014
Gingerly Awaiting Gina Brooch - $49.95
73mm x 48mm
Past Releases 2012, 2012, 2013
Pineapple Express Brooch - $44.95
60mm x 31mm
Past Releases 2016

Meandering Monday Brooch - $54.95
70mm x 30mm
Past Releases 2010

Lotus Rising Brooch - $54.95
64mm x 60mm
Features curved resin
Past Releases 2012

Fatoush the Fennec Fox Brooch - $49.95
38mm x 49mm
Past Releases 2011

Beatrice the Barn Owl Brooch - $54.95
53mm x 52mm
Features curved resin
Past Releases 2012

Beatrice Beswick Brooch - $49.95
70mm x 66mm
Past Releases 2011, 2011, 2011

Ballet Russes Brooch - $44.95
70mm x 61mm
Past Releases 2011, 2011

Ballet Russes Brooch - $44.95
70mm x 61mm
Past Releases 2011, 2011

Tea Dear Brooch - $44.95
60mm x 44mm
Features curved resin
Past Releases 2010

Rosalita Brooch - $54.95
38mm x 69mm
Features curved resin
Past Releases 2011, 2012

Rosalita's Garden Necklace - $119.95
72mm x 145mm
Chain length 31.5mm with 9mm extender
Past Releases 2011

Rosalita's Garden Drop Earrings - $59.95
36mm x 37mm
Past Releases 2011, 2011

Varuka Fox Drop Earrings - $59.95
50mm x 26mm
Past Releases 20142014

Secret Scarab Drop Earrings - $59.95
60mm x 30mm
Past Releases 2013

Elodie and the Melody Drop Earrings - $49.95
45mm x 47mm
Past Releases 2012 (studs)

Zelda the Zany Zebra Necklace - $99.95
69mm x 124mm
Chain length 35mm with 9mm extender
Past Releases 2012

Flynn the Flying Fox Necklace - $89.95
43mm x 110mm
Chain length 38.5mm with 9mm extender
Past Releases 2014

Diving Dorothy Necklace - $89.95
75mm x 110mm
Chain length 38.5mm with 9mm extender
Past Releases 2011, 2011

Assorted Enamel Pins - $19.95 each, 5-Pack $74.95
Pick & Mix Available
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