Heirloom Pomander Series Collection Reveal

Seen the sneak peek? Intrigued to know more?

Our brand-new Heirloom concept was born from a desire to create incredibly limited-edition and elevated pieces, which make for beautiful gifts or precious keepsakes to be handed down from one generation to the next, hence the name.

These capsule collections will celebrate our beloved character art, in ways you’ve never seen before at Erstwilder.

Introducing the first release of our Heirloom Collection – the Pomander Series.

Inspired by the classic pomme d'ambre jewellery of centuries past, this range of decorative brooches has been designed to house a small disc that can be scented, removed and re-installed at your leisure.

The designs themselves are simply breathtaking, with eight perennial Fan Favourites re-imagined and re-produced in an intricate filigree style, made from 18k gold-plated steel.

While all our accessories are limited run, these are true limited-edition adornments, with only 200 pieces of each design being released worldwide (including selected stockists). Each design has been engraved with its edition number on the reverse side, and comes packaged with matching certificate of authentication, three unscented ceramic discs and elevated leatherette case.

Please note: At launch, due to the extremely limited nature of this range, orders will be limited to one piece per design.

Watch the full collection reveal video, or to see all the beautiful photography of this must-have collection below!

Heirloom Pomander Series launches 12:30pm AEST Tuesday 19th April 2022.

Please note that due to low stock availability it is possible that designs may disappear from your cart and/or oversell at launch. This can be an unavoidable part of short-run, limited-edition ranging. If overselling occurs, we will advise you within 2 hours of the transaction with a follow-up email and a full refund, as we will not be able to process the order. We’re hoping this doesn’t happen but thank you for your understanding.

P.S. Get prepared before launch with these helpful tips here.

Each piece comes boxed within a leatherette case, including a certificate of authenticity and three unscented ceramic discs.
She's so Foxy Perfume Brooch - $149.95
48 x 60 mm
Leaps and Bounds Perfume Brooch - $149.95
60 x 55 mm
Friesian Fancy Perfume Brooch - $149.95
55 x 53 mm
Birds of a Feather Perfume Brooch - $149.95
48 x 57 mm
Barbarella's Bird Perfume Brooch - $149.95
59 x 61 mm
Ainslee the Afghan Hound Perfume Brooch - $149.95
50 x 50 mm
As the Dragon Flies Perfume Brooch - $149.95
64 x 55 mm
Prince of Orange Perfume Brooch - $149.95
63 x 35mm
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