Packaging Update!

Introducing our new sustainable packaging to spark joy, responsibly!

At Erstwilder, we believe in spreading joy through our quirky, playful, and colourful character-based accessories. And now, we're thrilled to announce the introduction of our brand-new suite of packaging materials, which not only embodies our commitment to minimising our impact on this big, beautiful world that we all call home, but also adds an extra dose of delight to your Erstwilder experience. This new set of packaging will be in use as of July 2023.

Our new mailer boxes and padded envelopes are made from recycled paper and recycled cardboard, with environmentally friendly inks, and are both recyclable and compostable! We’ve also ditched the tissue paper of old in favour of eco-friendly honeycomb hex wrap to fill any empty spaces and keep your pieces safe.

And we didn’t stop there. Similarly, our new regular post satchels (the one’s the mailer boxes are put inside of for added protection from the elements) are now compostable too!

All of our new packaging has had a design update too. We’ve covered it in concept art featuring some of our (and your) favourite designs. And with an exterior satchel in a bright pink colour, you’ll now instantly know that a little parcel of Erstwilder joy has arrived.

Erstwilder is on a mission to spark joy, not just in the hearts of our customers but also in the world we share. With our new suite of sustainable packaging, we're excited to take that commitment even further. Get ready to unwrap joy the sustainable way with Erstwilder!

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