Pete Cromer Australian Sea Life Collection Reveal

The latest instalment of Erstwilder x Pete Cromer, revealed!

If you're new to Erstwilder, you might not realise this isn't the first time we've collaborated with talented Aussie Artist Pete Cromer. Famous for his bold paper collages, in the past we've transformed a variety of Pete's animal characters (and even Christmas!) into wearable art, and now we're diving into another popular theme amongst the #petewilder community: sea life! 

This release features some truly incredible aquatic creatures including dugongs, humpback whales, surgeon fish, and something called a Nudibranch (which we admit, some of us at HQ hadn’t heard of until Pete brought us up to speed!) and that is just a drop in the ocean for what’s on offer.

With 21 x Brooches, 2 x Mini Brooches, 3 x Earrings, 1 x Necklace, 12 x Enamel Pins, 3 x Enamel Key Rings and 9 x Essential Earrings, this limited-run collection has something for everyone.

Watch the collection reveal video and read the details below to plan your must-have purchases ahead of launch. And don't miss the info about your exclusive bonus gift too!


Enamel Pins, Enamel Key Rings and Essential Earrings will be made available to add to cart or purchase from 12:00pm AEST.

P.S. Prepare for launch with these helpful tips here

To celebrate this release, we've produced this The Sacred Starfish Brooch as your exclusive bonus gift!

From 12pm AEST launch day Tuesday 8th August, spend $140 AUD or more in a single transaction on ERSTWILDER.COM (on any products online) and this design will automatically be added to your cart and included with your order, while stocks last.

The Charismatic Clownfish Brooch - $49.95
70mm x 37mm

The Bedazzling Butterflyfish Brooch - $49.95
70mm x 48mm

The Sartorial Surgeon Fish Brooch - $49.95
70mm x 43mm

The Lavish Lionfish Brooch - $49.95
70mm x 58mm

The Blissful Blobfish Brooch - $49.95
63mm x 30mm

The Graceful Green Sea Turtle Brooch - $49.95
46mm x 65mm

The Whimsical White Spotted Jellyfish Brooch - $54.95
42mm x 67mm

The Whimsical White Spotted Jellyfish Drop Earrings - $54.95
32mm x 45mm

The Cryptic Chambered Nautilus Brooch - $54.95
60mm x 44mm

The Busy Blue-Ringed Octopus Brooch - $49.95

49mm x 60mm

The Wary Western Australian Seahorse Brooch - $49.95

30mm x 64mm

The Guarded Golden Ghost Crab Brooch - $54.95

50mm x 62mm

The Dutiful Dugong Brooch - $49.95

38mm x 70mm

The Dutiful Dugong Drop Earrings - $54.95

27mm x 50mm

The Boastful Bottlenose Dolphin Brooch - $49.95

49mm x 65mm

The Guileless Great White Shark Brooch - $49.95

62mm x 44mm

The Halycon Humpback Whale Brooch - $49.95

49mm x 68mm

The Halycon Humpback Whale Necklace - $109.95

125mm x 54mm

The Sage Sea Lion Brooch - $49.95

44mm x 60mm

The Mercurial Manta Ray Brooch - $49.95

50mm x 65mm

The Nebulous Nudibranch Brooch - $49.95

63mm x 38mm

The Emboldened Emperor Penguin Brooch - $49.95

27mm x 70mm

The Promising Penguin Mini Brooch - $39.95

21mm x 40mm

The Promising Penguin Drop Earrings - $54.95

21mm x 40mm

The Perceptive Pelican Brooch - $49.95

61mm x 63mm

The Wily White Bellied Sea Eagle Brooch - $49.95

72mm x 59mm

The Balanced Baby Sandpiper Mini Brooch - $39.95

38mm x 34mm

Coral Ripple Glitter Drop Earrings Orange - $15.00

40mm x 50mm

Coral Solid Drop Earrings Neon Pink - $15.00

40mm x 50mm

Coral Ripple Drop Earrings Green - $15.00

40mm x 50mm

Starfish Ripple Drop Earrings White - $15.00

40mm x 40mm

Starfish Ripple Drop Earrings Purple - $15.00

40mm x 40mm

Starfish Ripple Drop Earrings Red - $15.00

40mm x 40mm

Bold Hoop Ripple Drop Earrings Navy Blue - $15.00

40mm x 50mm

Bold Hoop Solid Drop Earrings Neon Yellow - $15.00

40mm x 50mm

Bold Hoop Ripple Drop Earrings Black - $15.00

40mm x 50mm

Assorted Enamel Key Rings $44.95 each
Pick & Mix Available

Assorted Enamel Pins $17.95 each // 12-Pack $139.95
Pick & Mix Available
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