Pysanky Collection Reveal

Get to know the upcoming Pysanky collection with us!

No ordinary Easter-themed collection, this 9-piece capsule range features colourful, symbolically significant Easter Egg brooch designs inspired by the Ukrainian art form of ‘Pysanka’.

Dating back centuries, Pysanky are hand-decorated using beeswax and dyes, with motifs derived from Slavic folklore. Creating these precious eggs takes focus and attention to detail, but the results are stunning works of art that are traditionally given as gifts to family members and community leaders, with tradition dictating that designs are chosen to match the character of the person to whom the pysanka is to be given. This range serves to honour that tradition through meaningful wearable art, with designs representing hope, prosperity, love, wisdom, health, fertility and more – you’ll uncover the particular significance of each design below.

With the range derived from Ukrainian culture, we are also honoured to be able to use this range to once again support the Australia for UNHCR Ukraine Crisis AppealWe’ve already donated $2,000 ahead of the launch, but we’ll also donate an additional $5 for each design sold from the collection within 48 hours of its release.


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Sunflower of Love Brooch

Life, love and faith in something bigger than oneself. This egg is a symbol of the sun, itself a symbol of the miracle of existence.
$49.95 / 41mm x 55mm

Star of Wisdom Brooch

The end is never the end. Beauty and elegance transcend. May the next generation benefit from your wisdom, with good fortune to follow always.
$49.95 / 41mm x 55mm

Horse of Hope Brooch

Speed through your toughest challenges, endure and overcome. Prosperity awaits for those who hold this egg in their hands and hope in their heart.
$49.95 / 41mm x 55mm

Deer of Prosperity Brooch

Aim to lead, but know when to follow. Happiness and joy are found through balance. This egg will show that wealth and prosperity are not just monetary pursuits.
$49.95 / 41mm x 55mm

Harvest of Health Brooch

To reap what you sow and bear the fruits of your labour. Healthy habits form a healthy mind. This egg promises a bountiful harvest.
$49.95 / 41mm x 55mm

Ram of Perseverance Brooch

Stay strong in the face of overwhelming opposition. The holder of this egg, through nobility, perseverance and wisdom, will triumph in the end.
$49.95 / 41mm x 55mm

Butterfly of Rebirth Brooch

The person you are today is not necessarily the person you were yesterday, nor the person you will be tomorrow. This is the egg of positive transformation.
$49.95 / 41mm x 55mm

Hen of Fertility Brooch

A fertile mind knows itself. Bear this egg and be ready to bear so much more. A big heart, a caring soul and so much love to be shared.
$49.95 / 41mm x 55mm

Tree of Life Brooch

Through experience we better ourselves. Like branches reaching towards the sky. With this egg in hand you should always aim for greatness and growth.
$49.95 / 41mm x 55mm
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