Save The Date: 'Whatever The Weather'

There are no two ways about it. This year has been a doozy (and not in the good way!) In such overwhelming times of adversity and hardship, it’s okay to not be doing okay and when times get tough, we can try our best to weather this storm together. 🌞🌈☁️❄️💧

We’re hoping that our latest range, ‘Whatever the Weather’, will put a smile on many faces. From the creative mind of Jess Racklyeft comes a collection featuring beautiful, bright colours and a positively cheerful new cast of story-book inspired animal friends.

For those who know us at Erstwilder, you’ll know we believe our ‘why’ is to spread a little joy in the world. And by a little we mean as much as we possibly can. So, we’re using this collection to bring smiles to others fighting their own personal battles, on top of what we’re collectively experiencing due to COVID-19 by partnering officially with Headspace Australia and Minus18.

We’ve pledged $5 from every design in our new ‘Whatever the Weather’ collection sold on launch day 12.30pm AEDT Monday 2nd November and we’ll be splitting the funds raised between these two wonderful organizations.

Shop this upcoming collection and take pride in knowing that you’ve not only brought yourself a little piece of joy but helped bring joy to others in need too. 💖



If you or anyone you know needs someone to talk to, or resources for help, please see below:





20 Questions With Jess Racklyeft!

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20 Questions With Jess Racklyeft!

Our latest range, ‘Whatever the Weather’, comes from the creative mind of Jess Racklyeft. Featuring beautiful, bright colours and a...

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