Cosy Things Collection Reveal

Cosy things are coming!

The team at Erstwilder are a tight-knit bunch, with just a hint of eccentricity here and there. For the most part, we enjoy wholesome things, quirky things, and most definitely cosy things! But enough about us, let’s get into the knitty-gritty of this next release. 🤣

A 14-piece resin collection (and 3 sweet enamel pins) that captures the style and feel of the art-come-hobby that is contemporary crochet. Designs in this range cover all aspects of modern yarn-work, with a generous helping of nanna-nostalgia to boot.

Ready to see the full collection? Watch the reveal video and see the extra photography and design details below!

As always, designs are limited-run and collectible, so once sold out they won't be coming back, but to help you prepare for launch we have these helpful tips available here.


Enamel Pins will be made available to add to cart or purchase from 12:00pm AEST.

Closed Stitch Collection Brooch - $54.95
54mm x 54mm

Mosaic Motifs Necklace - $79.95
120mm x 82mm

Cosy Comfort Earrings Pink - $49.95
40mm x 40mm

Cosy Comfort Earrings Green - $49.95
40mm x 40mm

Cosy Comfort Earrings Blue - $49.95
40mm x 40mm

Yarn Spinner Brooch - $49.95
50mm x 50mm

Short, Stout and Cosy Brooch - $44.95
55mm x 54mm

The Original Hottie Brooch - $54.95

36mm x 59mm

Clothes Hanger Set Brooch - $44.95

54mm x 50mm

Height of Fashion Brooch - $44.95

55mm x 55mm

Cosiest of Campers Brooch - $49.95

60mm x 46mm

Snug Fit Kitty Brooch - $49.95

44mm x 70mm

Charming Chaperone Brooch - $49.95

65mm x 46mm

Pack A Scarf Brooch - $49.95

42mm x 72mm

Assorted Enamel Pins
$14.95 each // 3
-Pack $39.95
Pick & Mix Available

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