Erstwilder x miffy Collection Reveal

Say hello to miffy!

This officially licensed Erstwilder x miffy collection is sure to delight fans of the celebrated, charming girl bunny and anyone with a leaning towards nostalgia, adventure, and the innocence of their youth.

This collection features a stunningly selection of resin and enamel designs that maximises the effectiveness of the very same red, blue, yellow and green colours utilised by miffy creator, Dick Bruna. 🎨✨

Unapologetically young-at-heart, this very special release will evoke those warm and fuzzy feelings, while at the same time adding some timeless appeal to your outfits.

Watch the collection reveal video and see all the product details + photography below.


Enamel Earrings, Enamel Pins, Enamel Rings & Scarves will be made available to add to cart or purchase from 12:00pm AEDT

P.S. Prepare for launch with these helpful tips here

Blooms for Miffy's Mother Brooch - $44.95
36mm x 60mm

Miffy's Bicycle Brooch - $49.95
48mm x 60mm

Miffy the Artist Brooch - $44.95
52mm x 60mm

Miffy Flies a Kite Brooch - $49.95
60mm x 60mm

Miffy's Party Dress Brooch - $59.95

This design is interactive! Change her outfit to match yours with her three interchangeable tops which can be swapped out and secured in place. That gives you three brooches in one!
40mm x 80mm

Miffy at the Playground Necklace - $69.95
54mm x 79mm

Queen Miffy Brooch - $44.95
60mm x 30mm

Queen Miffy Stud Earrings - $34.95
15mm x 21mm

Queen Miffy Hair Clips Set 2 Piece - $39.95

35mm x 47mm

Miffy Can Tell the Time Brooch - $54.95

This design is interactive! Move the hands to set the time as you please, or to help little ones in your world learn to tell the time!
54mm x 50mm

Miffy and Melanie Mini Brooch Set - $59.95
65mm x 80mm

Miffy and Friends Necklace - $89.95

152mm x 110mm

Sweet Dreams, Miffy Brooch - $44.95
60mm x 60mm

Aunt Alice's Party Square Scarf - $49.95
Pick & Mix Available
90cm x 90cm

Miffy at the Gallery Square Scarf - $49.95
Pick & Mix Available
90cm x 90cm

Melanie Enamel Stud Earrings - $29.95
10mm x 17mm

Miffy Enamel Stud Earrings - $29.95
9mm x 17mm

Snuffy Enamel Stud Earrings - $29.95
17mm x 13mm

Miffy's Kitten Enamel Stud Earrings - $29.95
16mm x 17mm

Snuffy Enamel Ring - $34.95
Available in sizes S, M & L
38mm x 13mm

Miffy's Kitten Enamel Ring - $34.95
Available in sizes S, M & L
31mm x 20mm

Assorted Enamel Pins
$14.95 to $19.95 each // 7
-Pack $94.95
Pick & Mix Available
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