Vintage Kitchen Collection Reveal

Ready to see what we've been cooking up? 😉

Whether you’re staring eagerly into the oven as the delightful aromas wash over you, delivering a plate of goodies made with love to friends or family, whistling while putting the final touches on the cake to stop you from eating those sweet decorations, or, of course, flipping the page in your recipe book to that special one Nanna handed down to you all those years ago, so much joy is cooked up in the kitchen.

With 7 brooches, 3 earrings and 4 enamel pins, this small yet stunning capsule collection of classic vintage-era designs captures all the love and nostalgia of the heart of the home.

Watch the collection reveal video and see all the product details + photography below.


Enamel Pins will be made available to add to cart or purchase from 12:00pm AEDT.

P.S. Prepare for launch with these helpful tips here

Spin Me Right Round Brooch - $49.95
47mm x 55mm

Spin Me Right Round Brooch - $49.95
47mm x 55mm

Spin Me Right Round Brooch - $49.95
47mm x 55mm

Nanna's Prized Flower Bowls Brooch - $44.95
54mm x 55mm

Nanna's Prized Flower Bowls Earrings - $54.95
43mm x 47mm

Nanna's Prized Diamond Bowls Brooch - $44.95
54mm x 55mm

Nanna's Prized Diamond Bowls Earrings - $54.95
43mm x 47mm

Measure Twice, Pour Once Brooch - $44.95
42mm x 42mm

Measure Twice, Pour Once Earrings - $54.95

44mm x 26mm

Everyone's Favourite Tin Brooch - $44.95

40mm x 50mm

Assorted Enamel Pins
$14.95 to $17.95 each // 4
-Pack $54.95
Pick & Mix Available
Milestone Collector Pin Program

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