Mission to the Moon Collection Reveal

A new collection is entering your orbit!

Inspired by 1960s futurism and heavily influenced by the luxury space travel aesthetic (think Stanley Kubrick’s seminal sci-fi film 2001: A Space Odyssey!) this retro range of resin and enamel accessories – including brooches, earrings, necklaces and essentials - will help you channel your inner astronaut!

A cosmic collection of all-new designs, paying homage to what has come before and what is still to come, Erstwilder’s Mission to the Moon collection will see stars in the eyes of all those who observe them.

Ready to see for yourself?!

Watch the collection reveal video above, plus all the product details + photography below. And don't miss the info about your exclusive bonus gift too!


Enamel Pins and Essential Earrings will be made available to add to cart or purchase from 12:00pm AEST.

P.S. Prepare for launch with these helpful tips here


To celebrate this release, we've produced this Boarding Pass Brooch as your exclusive bonus gift!

From 12pm AEST launch day Tuesday 4th July, spend $140 AUD or more in a single transaction on ERSTWILDER.COM (on any products online) and this design will automatically be added to your cart and included with your order, while stocks last.

Mission to the Moon Brooch - $44.95
38mm x 60mm

Mission to the Moon Necklace - $99.95
112mm x 46mm

Mission to the Moon Drop Earrings - $54.95
29mm x 40mm

This is Your Captain Brooch - $44.95
45mm x 44mm

First Officer Brooch - $54.95
55mm x 55mm

Flight Engineer Brooch - $49.95
65mm x 30mm

Gravity Defiance Brooch - $49.95
55mm x 62mm

Tiny Blue Dot Brooch - $44.95
50mm x 50mm

Across the Universe Necklace - $109.95

149mm x 71mm

Sixth From The Sun Brooch - $44.95

66mm x 30mm

Sixth From The Sun Drop Earrings - $54.95

40mm x 18mm

Pew Pew Brooch - $49.95

60mm x 41mm

Beam Me Up Brooch - $44.95

57mm x 44mm

Beam Me Up Drop Earrings - $54.95

42mm x 20mm

Pug Encounters Necklace - $99.95

110mm x 54mm

Interplanetary Pug Brooch - $44.95

34mm x 55mm

Robo Spiffy Brooch - $49.95

65mm x 47mm

Daring Dogmonaut Brooch - $44.95

50mm x 50mm

Major Tomcat Brooch - $44.95

37mm x 65mm

Stout-Hearted Spaceham Brooch - $44.95

65mm x 51mm

Hotel Futura Brooch - $49.95

60mm x 40mm

Space Chic Souvenirs Double Brooch - $64.95

54mm x 50mm
38mm x 54mm

Double Hoop Glitter Drop Earrings Iridescent - $15.00

45mm x 45mm

Double Hoop Ripple Drop Earrings Blue - $15.00

45mm x 45mm

Double Hoop Ripple Drop Earrings Red - $15.00

45mm x 45mm

Double Hoop Ripple Drop Earrings Pink - $15.00

45mm x 45mm

Double Hoop Solid Drop Earrings Orange - $15.00

45mm x 45mm

Double Hoop Solid Drop Earrings Yellow - $15.00

45mm x 45mm

Double Hoop Solid Drop Earrings Purple - $15.00

45mm x 45mm

Assorted Enamel Pins $17.95 each // 8-Pack $109.95
Pick & Mix Available
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