Origami Collection Reveal

Follow the paper trail...

A great idea often begins with a clean sheet of paper. And with that in mind, you are invited to follow the paper trail toward the next major Erstwilder collection, celebrating the creative art of paper folding, more commonly known as Origami!

Though most closely tied to Japan, origami also has roots in China and Europe. In fact, the word "origami", taken from the Japanese words for paper (gami) and “to fold” (ori) is now used as an inclusive term for all traditional and contemporary paper-folding practices, regardless of their culture of origin.

Utilizing beautiful print techniques and precise etch detailing, every one of the 20+ creations in this unique collection captures the look and feel of both classic and modern Origami characters, in wearable resin and enamel art form.

Ready to see it all for yourself? Watch the collection reveal video plus see all the product details + photography below. And don't miss the info about your exclusive bonus gift 😉


Enamel Pins will be made available to add to cart or purchase from 12:00pm AEST.

P.S. Prepare for launch with these helpful tips here


To celebrate this release, we've produced this To Wear a Tulip Brooch as your exclusive bonus gift!

From 12pm AEST launch day Tuesday 9th May, spend $140 AUD or more in a single transaction on ERSTWILDER.COM (on any products online) and this design will automatically be added to your cart and included with your order, while stocks last.

The Fortunate Crane Brooch - $44.95
63mm x 66mm

Gift of the Gab Brooch - $44.95
61mm x 43mm

Gift of the Gab Drop Earrings - $49.95
27mm x 38mm

Gift of the Gab Hair Clips Set - 2 Piece - $54.95
49mm x 34mm

Here Be Dragon Brooch - $44.95
63mm x 51mm

Land Before Time Brooch - $44.95
67mm x 47mm

The Good Crab Brooch - $44.95
55mm x 53mm

The Good Crab Stud Earrings - $44.95
22mm x 21mm

The Good Crab Hair Clips Set - 2 Piece - $54.95

42mm x 41mm

The Singing Swallow Brooch - $44.95

75mm x 52mm

Sky Dancers Necklace - $109.95

120mm x 51mm

Prince of Wales Brooch - $44.95

67mm x 37mm

The Sleeping Rabbit Brooch - $44.95

46mm x 58mm

Cuddle Bunny Drop Earrings - $49.95

25mm x 35mm

Cuddle Bunny Hair Clips Set - 2 Piece - $54.95

31mm x 44mm

The Humming-Bird Brooch - $44.95

52mm x 61mm

The Sly Fox Brooch - $44.95

38mm x 69mm

Forget-Me-Not Brooch - $44.95

65mm x 52mm

The Memorable Goldfish Brooch - $44.95

38mm x 52mm

The Memorable Goldfish Drop Earrings - $49.95

28mm x 38mm

The Memorable Goldfish Hair Clips Set - 2 Piece - $54.95

32mm x 45mm

Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat Brooch - $44.95

65mm x 44mm

This Little Mouse Mini Brooch - $39.95

52mm x 26mm

Cat and Mouse Necklace - $89.95

122mm x 40mm

Give the Dog a Bone Brooch - $44.95

57mm x 56mm

New Tricks Mini Brooch - $39.95

36mm x 36mm

New Tricks Stud Earrings - $44.95

20mm x 20mm

New Tricks Hair Clips Set - 2 Piece - $54.95

40mm x 41mm

Assorted Enamel Pins $17.95 each // 5-Pack $69.95
Pick & Mix Available
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