How to prepare for launch

September 07, 2020 4 Comments

It’s time! Want to know how to be super prepared for the next launch? Well, we’re going to help you make that happen, with our launch preparation tips! Are you ready?

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Woodlands BONUS Gift

August 04, 2020

To celebrate the release of our 'Woodlands' collection we have a special gift with purchase for you! The super cute Campsite Comfort is all yours with any three designs purchased!

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July 22, 2020

Some of you may recall that back in 2018 we delighted our community with what was perhaps our quirkiest bonus gift to date. A design inspired by Christmas feasts enjoyed the world over (perhaps not so much by vegetarians and vegans!). Well, right now we’re celebrating Christmas in July by giving you one more chance to secure one of  our 'Glazed Ham' brooches  for yourself, as our gift with purchase!

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Erstwilder x Care Bears Gift With Purchase

July 07, 2020

To celebrate the release of our 'Erstwilder x Care Bears' collection and because sharing is caring, we have a special gift with purchase for you! The super cute Care Bears Care-a-Lot Castle is all yours with any three designs purchased! 

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June 15, 2020

Recent events have drawn the world’s attention once more to the ongoing injustice faced by so many. And it has turned our attention inward, as individuals and as a label, to take a good, hard and sometimes uncomfortable look at ourselves and how we can help in the movement toward a more equitable society, free of racism and anti-blackness. As the first step in our own reconciliation journey we're partnering with Red Dust...

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Behind The Scenes: The Nouveau Inspiration

June 12, 2020

In celebration of the release of our Art Nouveau collection, we wanted to dive behind the scenes with our designer Elena Leong. She's put so much love and consideration into each design and she's here with us to share the inspiration behind some of these beautiful pieces in this range...

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Art Nouveau Gift With Purchase

June 11, 2020

To celebrate our art nouveau collection, we have a special ‘gift with purchase’ for you! We didn't originally have a gift with purchase for this range although, the way the world is at the moment we thought that you could all do with a bit of joy...

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Introducing the #erstwilderchallenge!

June 01, 2020 1 Comment

This month we're inspiring you to get those brooches out of your drawers, play dress ups with us and join the Erstwilder community for a 30 Day Instagram Brooch Challenge!

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Erstwilder's Kitschy Kitchen Presents...

May 31, 2020

Let's head over to the Erstwilder Kitschy Kitchen and join Elena as she creates one of her favourite brunch/lunch dishes Sar Ho Fun!

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The History of Avenell Bros (stockist)

May 21, 2020

You might not know it, but some of our wonderful stockists have the most amazing stories to tell. In light of all that’s going on in the world right now, we thought to bring you the story of one long-time stockist, Avenells, who isn’t just surviving the current COVID-19 pandemic, but also survived the Spanish flu! We asked John from Avenell’s to tell us a little bit about the history of his wonderful establishment. Here’s what he had to say…

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Bonus Gift and Innocent Bystander Gift Pack

May 13, 2020 1 Comment

I f you’ve been following along with our recent launches, you’ll know that we’ve been having a whole lot of fun with our fan favourites. Last month (April 2020) saw the release of some of the absolute most-requested, highly sought-after designs, in gorgeous new colours and resin selections. This month is no different...

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Presenting 'Story Time', with James

May 08, 2020 1 Comment

It's time for story time with James! AKA the ‘Head Erstwildling Storyteller'! Yes, he is the lucky fellow bestowed with the privilege of naming and creating stories for each of our new Erstwildlings which, he says, doesn’t really feel like work at all.

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Purple Passion

This beautiful floral piece is a birthday gift for my sister who has a passion for gardening. No doubt she will adore it. 😊


I made a late order, and it got to me the next day. the necklace did not make my neck go green. its so stunning much nicer in real life then online. i am so happy with this store and all your help and love for us. Thank you.

So pretty

These dreamy earrings are so much prettier IRL! Neutral to wear with EVERYTHING!!

Cutest bunny brooch

The size of the smaller bunny brooch makes it easier to pair with my outfits - I tend to go casual/rustic or 1970s-style sundresses, and the details aren't lost in miniature. It's pretty cute too! Have received some compliments from colleagues and friends while wearing it. :)

Lucky dip

Love the feeling you get when a message saying your brooch is arriving today and the excitement of discovering that your lucky dip is in fact truely lucky!
Latest one was the lest we forget rosemary brooch, super stoked when that one arrived, I shall be wearing it with double pride!

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